Friend Club

Welcome to the club, friend! This is the place where you can earn friend cents by engaging with and sharing my music, and then you can exchange your friend cents for relevant gifts.

FEATURED REWARD: HOUSE SHOW [[I fully reserve the right to deny these to creepers]]*
(Friendship) Cashback: If you do a good job with your guest list and get me new email list signups, I'll give you back 1% of your friend cents for each one!
  • LOCALISH (within 75 miles according to Google Maps): 40 friend cents per mile distance from me (cost capped at 700)
    1. Gather up a team of at least five people willing to host a house show. You should at least be a few miles apart with some different friends, but also able to get me from each show to the next at no cost to me.
    2. Each person needs to earn 4 friend cents x the number of miles from me (check Google Maps; cost capped at 800 per show).
  • Postcard and personal update from wherever: 150 friend cents
  • Best of the Throwaway Song of the Week album download: 150 friend cents
  • TSOTW lyric/coloring booklet: 200 friend cents
  • Best of the Throwaway Song of the Week CD: 400 friend cents
  • TSOTW fun pack (coloring book + CD bundle): 500 friend cents
  • Custom curated USB stick from me to you: 500 friend cents (max 1 per person)
  • Cover video request: 600 friend cents
  • Complete discography download: 600 friend cents
  • Private (shareable) Google Hangouts show: 700 friend cents
  • Biannual Best Friends Song Club (automatic): Anyone with 500 friend cents in a given six months gets a special email of unreleased songs and/or works in progress!
  • Give feedback on a song on YouTube or Soundcloud: 25 friend cents
  • Share one of my cover videos anywhere: 50 friend cents
  • Tweet or retweet (with your own words) original music/content: 75 friend cents
  • Share (with your own words) or post my original music/content on Facebook: 100 friend cents
  • Post/review my original music on your active blog or vlog: 100-200 friend cents based on quality
  • Offline/Creative Promotion (anything goes, but keep it legal and not annoying!): 50-1,000+ friend cents depending on how epic it is
  • Touch my heart with a random act of kindness story: 10-50 friend cents (max 100 friend cents per year)
  • Stimulate my intellect with either a literary or an academic book report: 10-50 friend cents (max 100 friend cents per year)
LOGGING ACTIVITIES AND REDEEMING FRIEND CENTS: You can choose to either email me your request or send a message to my Facebook music page. Please take screenshots/photos of all your activities so you can attach them to your message.

*Also, certain requirements will apply. Also, I actually also reserve the right to change or remove anything on this page, BUT if I need to end it for whatever reason, I will do my best to make sure any friend cent holders still get the rewards they deserve!